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Elder Gayles, "Ceerman," Cuts the "Gordian Knot."

GREENVILLE, MISS., May 10, 1882.

To the Editor of the New Mississippian:

The Commercial makes a special note of the 3d District being called the Delta District. It rather looks to me as if some of our Republican friends intend at last that it shall not be the Hill City District. In fact it may be truly called a "Gordian Knot," and here is the way Senator Gales - Senator from Bolivar, and Chairman of the Republican Executive Committee from the 3d Congressional District, and candidate for Congress - cuts the knot:

The Republican Executive Committee of the 3d Congressional District of the State of Mississippi is hereby called to meet in the town of Greenville, Mississippi, Tuesday May 30, 1882, at 10 o'clock A.M., for the purpose of calling a District Convention to nominate a candidate for Congress, and transact such other business as may come before it. Sunflower and Leflore counties are requested to send Chairmen or delegates.

G. W. GAYLES, Chm'n.
GEO. T. HARDY, Sec'y.
GREENVILLE, MISS., April 27, 1882.

This call was published in the Greenville Mississippian, and by what authority Gayles assumes the chairmanship of the particular counties of the old "shoestring," making now with Sunflower and Leflore the "Delta District," is to me a mystery. Gayles was Senator in the last Legislature - Senator Spears officiated in that same body, and Mr. Jeffords, son of Judge Jeffords, was also a member.

Possibly Gayles has a right to take the District unner his wing - for what I know he may have "fixed" the thing up, and has the proprietorship of the same. He has spoken first - has made the first cut at the "knot" and intends to fight for his rights. This call of the Senator's is a cute lick, and I look for a highly respectable following from Warren county on Tues., May 30th, craving admittance into the sanctum sanctorum presided over by Elder Gayles. Vicksburg will kick, but she will be there. This idea of conveying the Delta to Vicksburg - to be run over by Sunflower, Sharkey, Leflore, Warren county and Issaquena won't do. Gayles was in this city a few days ago, and a few days ago our little town was thrown into a little flutter of Congressional excitement. Judge Jeffords "passed up" on an Anchor Line, but up where is not known to your correspondent.





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