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Brother Gleed Comes to Grief.

Robert Gleed is the name of a black scoundrel who would bring on a war of races in this State in order to gratify his malice and show his hatred of the white people. He is a State Senator, and one of the most unprincipled of the Radical vultures in that body. Last week, Gleed wanted to test his social equality doctrines and get some ground for appealing to the passions and keeping alive the resentments of his race. How he came out in his party effort we will let the Meridian Mercury tell - and right here we desire to suggest that the passengers always take hold of these equality efforts themselves and not involve the railroads. The negroes as a mass do not seek nor want equality. It is only vagabonds like Gleed who wish to menace the peace and welfare of the State in order to bolster up the party which owns its existence to misrule and ruin.

Last week, Senator Robert Gleed (colored) was found in the ladies' car of a train on the Central road, between Holly Springs and Jackson. A party of white men discovered him comfortably dozing, or pretending to doze, by the stove, and, looking up the conductor, informed him of the fact and asked him to order the negro into another car. The conductor replied that, in his situation, he could not do it. The party on this decided to act for themselves, and went up to Robert and gave him a gentle punch, to awake him, with the information that he was "in the wrong box, and must go further forward." The Senator, always self-collected, rose and demanded:

"By what authority do you order me out of this car?"

A big Tennessean, who stood spokesman for the party, replied:

"This is my authority," approaching him and displaying a fist as big as a quart cup, at the same time patting the top of Robert's beaver so energetically as to force it down over his eyes and ears. The champion of Social Equality in this flew into a passion, and called on the conductor to arrest these men, but that personage replied he was no police officer. Their colloquy was interrupted here by the big Tennessean who took the champion by the collar and gently lead him into the colored car.

Robert tried to get up an indignation meeting among the negroes on the train, and to identify the parties who ejected him, but the negroes had more sense than he did, so the outraged Senator sneaked back to his seat,

"Gathering his brows like gathering storm,
Nursing his wrath to keep it warm."

until in another Legislative session he can again put forth the energies of his hate and malice for a Social Equality bill.

Robert only went into that ladies' car to make a test of social equality - to gratify the venom of his nature; those white men knew it, and that is chiefly why they put him out. We are mighty 'fraid Robert will get his head shot off one of these days.




Vicksburg Herald, “Vicksburg Herald clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed November 28, 2023,

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