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THE EMIGRATION MOVEMENT. Last Saturday the town was swarming with negroes from all parts of the county, attending an Emigration Convention. The Court-house was packed. A mulatto named Patterson presided, and the meeting was opened with singing and prayer. Among the speakers were Robert Gleed. The report of Governor Whitfield, delegate to the Corinth Convention, was heard. After the speeches, a petition was read and adopted, calling upon the Federal Government for a donation of land in New Mexico, Arizona, or some other territory, to colonize all who wanted to go out of this "white man's country." We believe the "rank and file" of these meetings are sincere in the proposed object, but strongly suspect the leaders have one or two motives in the background; either it is a mask for political purposes, or a trick to get money out of the unsuspecting. We therefore advise the privates to be on their guard, and remember the Freedmen's Savings Bank robbery. This movement may be intended for good, but it is well enough to be cautious. The average colored leader, like the average white politician, is "a roaring lion, seeking whome he may devour." [Columbus Independent.





Vicksburg Herald, “Vicksburg Herald clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed December 5, 2023,

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