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Gleed, Robert, 1836-1916; Central Earnest Workers Association (Columbus, Miss.); Lowry, Robert, 1830-1910

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For His People's Sake.

The Hon. Robert Gleed, colored, ex-State Senator from Monroe county in this State, called upon the C. H. last evening, presenting a letter signed by Governor Robert Lowry, E. G. Wall, Commissioner of Agriculture, T. S. Ford, and W. T. Hemmingway, of Jackson, which states that the Hon. Robert Gleed has been appointed by the Central Earnest Works Association to bestow and do all in his power to elevate and improve the individual habits of his race in the State of Mississippi.

"We, as the board of immigration and agriculture of the State, take pleasure in recommending him to the citizens, both white and colored, believing from information before us that he is doing valuable work in impressing upon his people the necessity of a more moral and industrious life."

Senator Gleed will lecture to his people here during his sojourn in the city, and judging from the high standard of his credentials we doubt not it will have good effect upon them.





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