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A Mississippi Rascal in Kentucky.

We had not heard of Bill Gray, ex-Radical State Senator from our county, ex-Brigadier General of Ames' militia, and Color-Sergeant of the Nonpareil Brigade of Grand Rascals, for some time, but we knew that William's light would shine somewhere. His genius for villainy is bound to be recognized, go where he may. We were trembling from apprehension that some penitentiary had engulfed him, but the following from the Lexington (Kentucky) Press shows that the Reverend Bill is still on PREYing ground:

"Rev. William Gray (colored), elder of the Independent Baptist church in this city, was arrested yesterday on a warrant sworn out by the trustees of his church, charging him with appropriating to his own use the funds of the church."

Bill don't make any bones about going through the collection box. About three years ago the negroes down here collected some three thousand dollars for some church purpose, and Bill, who was then a high buck in these parts, got his paws on it, and it was "farewell, Brother Crawford," with that collection! How that nigger has lived through all his impudence and rascality down here, is a blistering shame to all good shooting people.





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