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Gray, William, 1841-1919; African American Baptists

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He Still Troubles the Church.

A short time ago we published a statement "concerning of" Bill Gray, whom our readers remember as the boss nigger of these parts for several years. This country got too enthusiastic for William, and he lit out, and went to Lexington, Kentucky, where he got control of a church, and soon after got arrested for fooling with the funds of the church. He bulldosed his way through the charges made against him then, and we hoped that his path thereafter would be serene and his pasturage luxuriant amongst the flock in Kentucky. But it was not thus to be. Tho' the elder's head is level in the service of the devil, and the sisters stand around him like a wall; for the elder's ways are winning, and the ladies think it no sinning for such a charming teacher to follow brother Beecher, it stirs up the ire of the old rams and wethers of the flock, and they wish the honorable Bill to step down and out. But sustained by the sisterhood and his own unparalleled cheek Gray holds the fort. The minority of the church have protested against his occupation of the pulpit, and in a published memorial say: "Damaging revelations as to certain disorderly and anti-Christian acts and habits indulged in by the said William Gray, and that the charges and imputations upon his Christian and ministerial character have increased rather than diminished, we call upon the community to sustain us in our attempt to rid them of this source of annoyance, knowing, as they must, the utter unfitness and blameable character of the man who now presumes to be the spiritual adviser of one of the largest congregations in the city."





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