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Gray, William, 1841-1919; African American Baptists

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The Blind Festival.

With the installment of Rev. William Gray as pastor of Pilgrim Baptist Church, the characteristic, activity and spirit of progress which are his, seems to be pervading the church and congregation, and numerous efforts are being put in operation to relieve the church of the burden of building the magnificent church now nearing completion. Among these efforts is to be a "Blind Festival" which will be held in Pfiefer Hall, Thursday and Friday evenings, May 19th and 20th, which promises to be, not only something new, but quite pleasant and enjoyable.

The affair is conducted as follows: A number of ladies will provide themselves with lunch baskets filled as their own tastes dictate; these ladies will be formed in lines and then all the gentlemen who choose will be blind folded and at a given signal will be allowed to catch any of the ladies they can, and each one caught will have to eat lunch from her basket with the gentleman catching her. The second night the ladies will be blind folded and will have the privilege of catching the gentleman to lunch with them. There will also be other refreshments and notions for sale at reasonable rates.





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