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Griggs, Richard, -1883; Mollison, Willis Elbert

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JACKSON, MISS., April 22, 1884.

The Republican Convention has been in session all day, and your correspondent is writing these few lines in the very midst of the organization. Yesterday the delegates, the chief men, wire-pullers and organizers began to put in their appearance in very great force - prominent among these the Executive Committee of the party. This Committee consisted of sixteen members, and shortly after it had assembled the vacancy created by the death of Richard Griggs, of Issaquena, was filled by the appointment of Mr. W. E. Mollison, lately the colored editor of the Mayersville Spectator, and present Chancery Clerk of Issaquena county.




Vicksburg Evening Post, “Vicksburg Evening Post clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed March 3, 2024,

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