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The greatest curse to a country is the greed for office and it is a characteristic of the party now in power, especially in the South, that it is composed of office holders and office seekers. Grant wants a life lease on the White house. Ames wants to go the United States Senate, and Warner, Niles, Morgan and a multitude of non-descripts want to go to Congress, while Alfred Handy and Sinful H. H. Toles and other corrupt and illiterate numskulls aspire to the State Senate and House of Representatives. They are already laying their plans and drawing their lines for office. It is a sure sign, in these days of back-pay grabs, subsidies, etc., when a man announces himself for office that he is after plunder, bribes and other perquisites, and he is a rare and exceptional case, who seeks office for the good of anyone else but himself.




Canton Mail, “Canton Mail clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed September 22, 2023,

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