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Henderson, Ambrose; West Point (Miss.)

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Lively Times at West Point.

Whitfield's Bolting Convention which met at West Point last Wednesday to nominate a Radical candidate for Congress from the Third District in opposition to Barry, who, it is claimed, obtained the honor by bribery and manipulation, was a rather tumultuous and disgraceful affair. The West Point Citizen furnishes the following account of it:

The Radical clans entered our peaceful town on Wednesday, with banners flying and drums beating, and assembled in the negro Methodist Church about 11 o'clock a.m., for the transaction of business.


The labors of the Convention resulted in the nomination of Hon. Ambrose Henderson, colored, for Congress. This is no fight of ours, but we must say that Henderson is a respectable man, and if elected will not disgrace his race as Barry does.





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