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The object of the Populites in nominating Frazee was undoubtedly to thus control and carry for their ticket the Radical negro vote, and to this end they have already placed in operation the most approved machenery of the old carpet-bag and scallawag days. Fred Crow, colored, who in those times was the courier to ride the county and organize the clans, is to-day in the pay of the Populites engaged in the same character of work. Ambrose Henderson, colored, a State Senator, George White, colored, formerly a State Representative in that hideous night-mare time of reconstruction, have been brought to the front as Populite heelers to fire the negro heart against the Democracy, Webster Turner, colored, a Republican committeeman became the hireling of the Populites for a similar purpose. Here, we must say, and we say it to their credit, the conservative Republicans who are true to their own principles, above sale, and respect the opinions of their white neighbors and friends, holding aloof from this combination.




Winona Times, “Winona Times clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed September 22, 2023,

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