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In the house, on the second day, the Hon. John R. Lynch, of Adams county, was chosen speaker, by a positive and decided republican vote, the Hon. Mr. Chandler, of Noxubee, being also a prominent candidate on the republican side.

Mr. H. W. Warren, republican, was elected clerk of the house on the first ballot, James Hill sergeant-at-arms and L. J. Scurlock doorkeeper.

John R. Lynch is a colored man, about twenty five years of age; a thorough parliamentarian, an experienced legislator, with a good education and sound judgment; who is studious and considerate, and who as a public man and a politician, seldom if ever makes mistakes. He is an honor to his race and the party to which he belongs.





Vicksburg Daily Times, “Vicksburg Daily Times clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed December 9, 2023,

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