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The following from the Greenville Times indicates that the Washington County "delegits" of color, did not care how long the Chicago Republican circus lasted:

The majority of our colored citizens who attended the Chicago Convention have returned and report a royal time. They put up at the Palmer House and sloshed around promiscuously with the white lights of Republicanism. They met with so little to remind them of the "previous condition," that they had to look into a glass to remember that they were "niggers." It is stated that Judge Gilbert Horton, who is still up there stuffing his Ethiopian stomach with lake fish, and enjoying the proceeds of his share of the rewards of honest labor, was especially happy. Upon his first day in the city, after printing his autograph upon the Palmer House register, he lunged into the barber shop and planted himself for a shave. The barber thought he would inquire a little before he passed his razor over the African continent, and telephoned to the office: "Nigger in the chair; shall I move him?" The reply came back: "We are feeding them up here, you might shave them down there." So the Judge was solid. Gilbert was a "stayer" for Blaine from "cend to cend." The effect of high price grub and stately style on Mr. Noah Cowan was a literal fulfillment of the old rhyme, "Nigger in the wood pile can't count 'leven, put him in a feather bed think he gone to heaven." He says that the scales have fallen from his eyes and he sees that he has heretofore been living in darkness. It will take a hog chain to keep Noah away from future Chicago gatherings.





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