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The carpet-bag adventurers are the importers of this corrupt and wicked system of legislation; as they are the authors of the strife between the races resulting in many instances in the shedding of blood which is on their guilty heads.

We set out in this article by congratulating the people of the State, that the baleful influence of this despicable class of mischief-makers and plunderers, is waning. In a number of counties the blacks have opened their eyes to the enormity of the imposition which has been practiced upon them in common with the whites, and have organized for the purpose of defeating them in the nominations. Their example in Jefferson county, under the lead of Merriman Howard, a colored man of intelligence and force of character, is a case in point. He is leading his race from the bondage of the Carpet-baggers and the Mean Whites who have adhered to them. He has our best wishes.





Semi-Weekly Clarion, “Semi-Weekly Clarion clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed December 5, 2023,

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