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HON. H. P. JACOBS, of Adams county. Mr. J. is always anxious to be seen and heard on the floor, but finds it difficult to be heard, while he can very easily be seen. He is a native of Alabama, but escaped from that State several years before the war with a wife and three children. He traveled the most of the distance from Mobile, Alabama, to Indianapolis, Indiana, in a horse and wagon, but finding the anti-slavery sentiment in Indiana rather weak, he thought it best to push forward toward Canada, which he did, and thereby saved himself from the pursuit of his master.

He came into this State in 1868, was elected to the Legislature in 1869, and re-elected in 1871. He is, by profession, a Baptist preacher.

In appearance he is rather tall and well dressed. His features may be called fine, and he wears a strong goatee on his chin. He seems to try in his manner of speaking to convey the impression upon you that there is no subject which you might bring up but that he is perfectly familiar with. Towards other men he has nothing but kind feelings, but if there is any one he injures in any of his actions it is himself. And I believe he would prefer to injure himself than another.





New National Era, “New National Era clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed September 27, 2023,

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