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The Evening News of yesterday, gives the use of its columns to Albert Johnson, for the purpose of affording that very distinguished darkey an opportunity of using somebody else's spite towards us. When the editor of this journal assays "to brake a lance in bloody fray," he will select some one who is not altogether a stranger to honesty and virtue, and not as Albert is, the meanest specimen of a mean negro, we have ever encountered. We have braved threats that were equally as potential and significant as the publication in question, which eminated from white men - and men of courage, and have "never yet lowered our arm," nor through fear, "taken down our colors," and some how or other, we fail to feel any trepidation at Albert's communication to his "official journal." We profess to be a gentleman, and as such, carry the responsibilities of all our acts which we deal out on demand, provided, always, that the claimant possesses gentility enough to secure the concession from us. When Albert attempts to use his cow-skin on us, we hope he will have McGee and his other consorts in iniquity, with him, so that we can afford the sexton a paying job.




Vicksburg Daily Times, “Vicksburg Daily Times clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed December 9, 2023,

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