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A Greenback Nominee.

The Hinds county Greenbackers have nominated M. M. McLeod, (slightly colored), for Circuit Clerk. He imported himself from somewhere into Mississippi soon after the war, and has flourished like a green bay tree as a first-class officeholding carpet bagger ever since; in fact, he has lived and literally fattened upon office. He was in the Secretary of States' office under the late James Lynch. He was chief in the Sheriff's office under W. H. Harney, the defaulting Sheriff of the county, and probably could tell as much about that unfortunate administration of the Sheriffalty as any other man in the county. He was deputy in the office of the Internal Revenue Collector under Ex-Governor R. C. Powers; but when Hon. James Hill, a Republican but a genuine Mississippian, was appointed Collector, McLeod was summarily dismissed. He has accumulated property by means of these various official positions, building a handsome residence in West Jackson and is reported to be a "bloated bondholder," as who might not, with the same opportunities? Why the Greenbackers have put this nondescript who has feasted and fattened upon his fine salaries wrung out of the sweat and toil of the people, for the last nine years, on their ticket, we are at a lost to know. He is in no sense a representative of the colored race; and they will not so recognize him. He don't represent Mississippians of any class; and his nomination is really an affront to the people of the county. He made a remarkable harrangue in the City Hall, as reported to us a few nights ago, and as his nomination has been made in the face of it, we will have occasion to refer to it again.




Clarion-Ledger, “Clarion-Ledger clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed September 27, 2023,

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