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MISSISSIPPI is the drawing-room of carpet-baggism, and no passport, save the fact of one's being a carpet-bagger and scoundrel, is necessary to secure admission. It is the Eldorado of the negro and the Mecca of pillagers and adventurers. Hon. James H. Piles is one of the latter class. He went down there from Ohio, and like all the rest of the kind adopted politics as his profession. For awhile he succeeded. He was elected to the Legislature and came very near being the nominee for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. He finally concluded he would like to be Circuit Judge of his district, and would have been appointed had he not been convicted of stealing before it could be done. In anticipation of success, he had stolen law books from various attorneys of his town for the purpose, no doubt, of posting himself a little, and has been duly convicted of the crime. Instead of being a judge he is now a convict, and will have the pleasure of enjoying a long season of seclusion in jail. Of such is the kingdom of carpet-baggery.





Pittsburgh Daily Post, “Pittsburgh Daily Post clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed September 22, 2023, https://msstate-exhibits.libraryhost.com/items/show/871.

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