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Speech of Mr. Selby, of Marshall, on the Lien Law.

MR. CHAIRMAN - A great deal has been said respecting this question of so vast importance. Mr. Chairman, there is no member on this floor that wants to witness the early dawn of that auspicious day when unanimity of political and domestic affairs shall exist between the races of Mississippi more than myself. But, Mr. Chairman, a total abolition or any tampering with this act. The eleventh section will create a breach between us that will be irreparable for this cause. I sincerely and earnestly ask the gentlemen of this House to exercise a cautious discrimination before committing themselves in favor of any abolition or substitution of section 11. The destinies of the laboring class of the State of Mississippi hinges upon the disposition we make of this bill. Mr. Chairman, I would that it were so that we could accept the substitute offered by the gentleman from Yazoo; but under the circumstances we cannot. In conclusion, Mr. Chairman, I have to say that, there is nothing more hoped for and desired than economy, sobriety and morality in the State of Mississippi, and with regret I say, more especially with our people. Mr. Chairman, I reiterate in conclusion, let us not tamper, as my colleague from Marshall says, with this eleventh section.





Clarion-Ledger, “Clarion-Ledger clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed April 15, 2024,

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