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JACKSON, MISS., May 12, 1875.

To the Editors of the Pilot:

Having just arrived in Jackson, from my home in Greenville, on a summons from the Secretary to attend a meeting of the old Trustee Board of Alcorn University, I desire to make an explanation through your columns. As my home is situated at a considerable distance up the river, where current news is not easily obtained, I have known scarcely anything of the recent troubles existing at Alcorn University until my arrival in Jackson. Had not seen any official account of the action taken by the Legislature in relation to the University; had only heard of the injunction by mere rumor, and had seen none of the acrimonious correspondence that was published about the conduct of the old Board. I was not present at any of the meetings held by the old Board during the session of the Legislature, and I am just now made aware of the unhappy condition of affairs and of the public dissatisfaction with the management of the school.

In justice to myself I wish to state that I advocated a change in the management at our last commencement, but other counsel prevailed. I wish also to state that I have had no part or lot in the injunction gotten out by a part of the old Board against the new Trustees. I think it can be productive of no good to the University, but injurious in the extreme, as its influence has already resulted in the closing up of the school, and is fast driving away public confidence. I have no desire to defeat or oppose the expressed will of the Legislature as set forth in the new law. I regret that I did not comprehend the true state of affairs sooner; for I would most assuredly have prevented my name from being included in the injunction.

Hoping that the new Trustees may be enabled speedily to restore public confidence by their management, and bring success and prosperity to our University, I bid them a hearty "God speed."

Very respectfully,




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