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Jenna Altomonte

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Messi and Ronaldo
A mural of two professional soccer players Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo kissing each other.

A mural of the president of Russia Vladimir putin behind bars.

Image from Basic Irland's video Riverberations

The Other
photo taken during Shana Robbin's performance The Other

Her Blue Sea Fire
photo from Cherie Sampson's performance Her Blue Sea Fire

Image from Jenny Kendler's performance Offering

El pastel (the cake),
A mural depicting Dozens of paper doilies decorated with limbless torsos and severed heads illustrate the way in which rival drug cartels have divided up the country.

It features a man with a brush scrubbing the stripes off what appears to be a zebra. However the animal is in fact a donkey painted to look like a zebra.

Sensation III
Photo taken during Raheleh Zomorodinia's performance piece

El abrazo ausente (The absent embrace)
A mural showing a Mexican mother in tears embracing her love while being surrounded by birds.
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