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The elections so long and anxiously discussed by our people, has been held, and the results, so far as our county, fully known. The result of the election in this county is given in full in another column, and while there is cause for rejoicing on both sides, yet neither are happy. Taking the ticket as elected, however, the people can congratulate themselves that Panola county is very far ahead of many counties in having a set of officers who give us little cause of complaint. The election of Captain Taylor is one that will make glad the hearts of all true, honest citizens, for in him the entire people have a man that they may well be proud of, and one who is incorruptible. The representatives, we freely confess, are not of our choosing, and we think the defeated candidates were superior to those elected, and would have done far more to establish good feeling among our entire people; however, we do not think Dan. Mathews and Orange Brunt (we cannot say anything for Sykes) are vicious negroes, and we hope they will act conservatively.



Memphis Daily Appeal, “Memphis Daily Appeal clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed May 21, 2024,

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