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The Colored Renegades.

Grenada Sentinel.]

Craitin, the so-called Democratic member from Yazoo, like Peter Mitchell, of Washington, and Lem Moore, of Issaquena counties, has gone back on the pledge which allowed all the members of both branches of the Legislature to participate in the recent senatorial caucus. They all announce themselves for Grant! However, we are not surprised at the infidelity of the latter named individuals, since they were elected on Fusion tickets, but we are positively shocked to hear that Mr. Cratin is wearing a Grant badge! Our understanding was that he was a Yazoo Democrat, and that of course implied that he was sound.

Yazoo Central.]

The recent defection of several members of the Legislature, our own dear Craitin among the number, excites no surprise whatever etc., etc.

We introduce the subject to-day, not for the purpose of reminding Craitin that being a Representative elected on the Democratic ticket, and pledged when he participated in the Democratic caucus to act in future with the party, he has violated his obligation and proved recreant to his trust. Such a reminder will neither change his inclinations or awaken a sense of shame. We desire, however, to call the attention of the Democracy to the lesson to be gathered from this instance of unblushing deception, that it may, while it is yet time, guard against wolves in sheep's clothing, and admit to their councils and honor with their confidence none save those who have proved that they are worthy of it.


Clarion-Ledger, “Clarion-Ledger clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed May 23, 2024,

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