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Organized a Colored Club.

Colored citizens held a well-attended and animated meeting at the court house last night for the purpose of organizing a club. The discussion, which at times waxed warm, lasted three hours. Some wanted to give the club a political character and others opposed it, the latter being successful in carrying their point. The organization was called the Ramsey County Colored club. T. H. Lyles was elected president; J. W. Lucas, H. Howard and E. P. Wade, vice presidents; J. H. Beasley, secretary; and Robert Banks, treasurer. During the session speeches were made by Col. A. A. Jones, Rev. William Gray, D. H. Saunders and others.

At the close of the meeting the belief was expressed by some that the club would soon lose its social character and be used for political purposes, which, they claimed, was the ultimate concealed object of its organization. Both political parties were represented.



St. Paul Daily Globe, “St. Paul Daily Globe clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed December 1, 2023,

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