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of Soldier township, for register of deeds, challenges the most hearty respect of all who know him, and, though, a hereditary tan rests upon his skin, he is in the qualities of a true gentleman, the peer of any one who is in the field for that office. Persecuted for opinions sake on the soil of Mississippi, forced to leave valuable worldly possessions in order that he might save his life, he personally knows what brutal bulldozing signifies, and having taken his life in his hands he can plead for the rights of bleeding men here and everywhere, made so by a murderous caste, by an oppressive monopoly, and by the remorseless actions of a heartless horde of money changers whose manhood has been ate out by idolatrous worship of gold and bonds.

Give an honest vote to Emanuel Handy.



Topeka State Journal, “Topeka State Journal clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed May 22, 2024,

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