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For register of deeds there should be a bolt by all means and Hon. Emanuel Handy is just the man. He is an educated colored man nominated by the greenbackers, and he will be put on the democratic ticket; he was a member of the Mississippi legislature and well qualified for the position. We submit to the bolting republicans that if only greenbackers and democrats dare nominate men to office and vote for them. It will not be long until the republicans lose the whole of the colored vote. If the bolters will put on their ticket the name of Emanuel Handy it will show that the colored people still have a few friends in the republican party. Put his name on the ticket by all means, and convince the race that you are their friends.

Let the colored men vote solid on Handy and he can be elected.



Topeka State Journal, “Topeka State Journal clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed May 22, 2024,

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