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Mrs. Handy's Husband.

In Justice Reed's court yesterday was held a trial of a small civil suit brought by Emanuel Handy against John Owens. Handy's wife had in his absence sold the little crop of garden "stuff" and some corn to Owens so as to raise the money to go to her husband at that time in Illinois. It seems that Owens had paid a part of the stipulated price at the time of the sale, and promised to send the balance as soon as possible. The time, however, did not arrive when he could send it, and on the return of Handy and his wife the amount due was requested. Owens scoffed at the idea of paying any more, and consequently the action was taken again him. The result of the trial was a judgment for the plaintiffs, and when the case was dismissed they walked down stairs radiant with hope, while in their eyes shone the glad gleam of satisfaction. Not so did Owens take his departure, and the menacing looks which he covertly shot at the happy Handys boded them no good.

At the foot of the stairs he met the pair, and in language not at all in sympathy with the occasion he hissed that the Handys had sworn falsely. This seemed to dampen as it were Mr. Handy's happiness, and in a fever of excitement he raised his hand against the insinuating Owens. Not only did he raise, but struck, and when a policeman appeared on the scene dressed in brief authority and a uniform the disturbance was quieted, and what might have resulted in bloodshed was quelled. The contestants were summarily marched off to the station house, and in the dungeon they were permitted to bemoan the fates that cast them there.



Topeka State Capital, “Topeka State Capital clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed May 22, 2024,

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