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Text the mail from W. T. Handy, sr., 4735 Annette street, New Orleans, La. 70122: "I am a retired minister of 50 years in the United Methodist church in the Louisiana Annual Conference. I thought to write the story of my life for my children and posterity. This, of course, means that I want to go into research and find out all I can about my fore parents. A man by the name of Emanuel Handy from Hazlehurst, Miss., Copiah county, was a man of some status, and was a member of the Mississippi legislature in the days of Reconstruction. My father, Emanuel Handy II told his children that his father was run out of Hazlehurst around about that time for he earned for himself the title of being a 'trouble maker' or a 'rabble rouser.' He was supposed to have been quite a speaker, and influenced people greatly. During the years 1873-1879, there was quite an exodus from Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas. It is said some 80,000 Negroes left these parts for Kansas. My father told me he (Emanuel I) migrated to Atchison where he lived until death. Someone said he was known as 'Honorable Emanuel Handy.' None of his 11 grandchildren ever saw him. I wonder if possibly someone in Atchison may ever heard of him or if there was ever anything in the newspapers there about him? He was a property owner and a taxpayer in your city." Anyone around who ever heard of that Emanuel Handy and could shed some light on this request?



Atchison Daily Globe, “Atchison Daily Globe clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed May 22, 2024,

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