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Houston, Russell Walker; Scott, Henry P.; Jones, William H., active 1874-1877; Issaquena County (Miss.); Political conventions

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MAYERSVILLE, Sept. 21, 1875.

To the Editors of the Pilot:

Pursuant to the call of the County Executive Committee, the delegates from the five districts assembled at an early hour, and at 12 o'clock the Convention was called to order by Mr. Jerry Washington, Chairman of the County Executive Committee.

On motion of Hon. Wm. Jones, Col. R. W. Houston was elected Chairman.

On motion of Hon. Wm. H. Jones, Mr. C. H. Henderson was elected Secretary.

On motion of Mr. Sylvester Gross, Hon. H. P. Scott was nominated for Sheriff by acclamation.

On motion of Mr. Sylvester Gross, Mr. C. S. Jeffords was nominated for Chancery and Circuit Clerks by acclamation.

The Convention then proceeded to ballot for County Treasurer, which resulted in the nomination of Mr. David Mayer on the first ballot.

The ballot for Representatives being taken, with four candidates, resulted in the nomination of Hon. Wm. H. Jones on the first ballot.

On motion of Hon. H. P. Scott, the Chair appointed a Committee of three to select delegates to the Floater's Convention, who reported the names of R. W. Houston, H. P. Scott and Sylvester Gross, as the aforesaid delegates.

The report of the Committee was received and adopted, and the delegates instructed to vote for Mr. S. A. Sandling, as additional member of the Legislature.

On motion of Mr. Jerry Washington, Mr. C. Pendergrast was nominated for County Assessor.

On motion, Mr. John Giles was nominated for Coroner and Ranger, by acclamation.

On motion, Mr. David Stratton was nominated for County Surveyor, by acclamation.

The following County Executive Committee was then elected:

First District - C. B. Hill.
Second District - F. G. Cummings.
Third District - H. P. Scott.
Fourth District - Washington Hamilton.
Fifth District - Jerry Washington.
County at Large - Hon. W. H. Jones, Col. R. W. Houston, F. P. P. Burks and Sylvester Gross.

On motion, the Convention then adjourned.

R. W. HOUSTON, President.


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