Letter, Fannye Rhodes to Luther Rhodes, October 14, 1945

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Correspondence from Fannye Rhodes to her husband, Luther, while he served overseas in Burma during World War II. In the letter, she writes about the couple's friends, Bill and Jeanne. Fannye relates that "[Bill has] gotten his artificial leg and foot and thinks he'll get his discharge before long."


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Route 1
Terry, Mississippi
October 14, 1945

My Dearest Darling Husband,

Guess you think I’m crazy, Sweet, for writing to you this evening but I want to see you so terribly bad. Since I can’t see you Honey, this is the nearest I can come to talking to you. To, I know I’ll see you before you could get this, because you told me to stop writing.

Sweet Darling, I’d go on and mail it anyway but I feel sure William knew what he was talking about when he said you had left China. I don’t see how you could get any more mail, Dearest!

Gosh! Precious, I’d give anything on earth if I could see you now. It’s nearly 5:30 and they’re already gone to milk. Go! Baby, I love you so much. If I could only know where you are now. These last 2 years and 3 weeks have been just plain hell without you, my Darling.

Just seeing Bill + Jeanne this evening has made me even more lonesome, Sweet. They came over about 2 o’clock and just left. For some reason Bill reminds me of you anyway, Darling. He’s gotten his artificial leg and foot and thinks he’ll get his discharge before long. Gee! Dearest, they’re so happy – By the way, Darling, last Sunday my Sunday School teacher, Mr. Merchant, asked me if you’d gotten home yet. He’s still with the campaign here in town and I’ve seen him several times around the central office driving a truck. Don’t know whether you even remember him or not Darling but he calls you Rhodes.

He’s had to work several Sunday’s lately and wasn’t there this morning. Bill is our substitute teacher and it seems funny to have an army lieutenant teaching the class.

Carol was sweet this morning, Sweetheart, but she didn’t go to sleep. She went to the cradle roll class with the other babies and Jeanne said she was awfully good. Honey, you’ll just love her to death- she’s so sweet.

Luther Darling, it’s almost church time again so I guess I’d better stop. Guess we’re all going again. This morning I dressed, the chickens, we went to church, came home then cooked dinner. She had just finished eating when Bill and Jeanne came.

Oh yes, Darling, Mrs. Lee said she’d be glad to call me when you call and if I’m at work they’re going to transfer it to the office. Gee! Sweetheart, how I hope I can see you soon.

I love you, Precious, with all my heart.

Your wife,




Rhodes, Fannye M. Hollingsworth, 1923-2014, “Letter, Fannye Rhodes to Luther Rhodes, October 14, 1945,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed May 22, 2024, https://msstate-exhibits.libraryhost.com/items/show/97.

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