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Broadside poster advertising the Freedom Vote. Election campaign for Aaron Henry.

Paper/essay on the reasoning for a hearing being held in Washington D.C. in 1964. The paper discusses the violent response seen in Mississippi because of the voter registration drives for black Americans. The paper comments on the need for action to…

Rodgers Address.pdf
This is Rodger E. Ownby's address information. This was attached to the his and John C. Stennis letters. Refer to the items "Letter from Rodger Earle Ownby to John C. Stennis" and "Letter from John C. Stennis to Mr. Rodger E. Ownby".

Typed document from 1964 of a list of people active in the Mississippi Freedom Summer, including handwritten notes the author of whom is unknown. The list details potential communist links shared amongst leaders and active participants in the…

Poster: It briefly describes the purpose of a hearing that will take place. The purpose of this hearing is the violence that has occurred in Mississippi due to Freedom Summer black voter registration.

Letter from Rodger.pdf
The following is a paper of what Rodger E. Ownby wrote to Senator John C. Stennis. He sent this letter during the event of Freedom Summer. Rodger E. Ownby's letter contains explicit language because during this period, Jim Crow Laws were still in…

Letter from Aaron Henry, Robert Moses, and Reverend R. L. T. Smith about voting in Mississippi

Letter/Press Release: Mike Thelwell, The director of Student Nonviolence Coordinating Committee, wrote this letter to the public to inform them of a hearing. This hearing was held in Washing D.C. at the National Theatre on June 8, 1964. The hearing…

This item is a letter written on letterhead of The Street Clinic letterhead in Vicksburg, Mississippi from Richard Street to Senator John C. Stennis. In the letter, Street expresses the community's annoyance regarding the trouble caused by "summer…

Broadside poster advertising the Freedom Vote. Election campaign for Aaron Henry.
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