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The ninth, and last charge, it will be seen from the evidence, is fraught with mystery. The witnesses all agree that there was a man at the Asylum, about the time of the Clinton riot, who appeared to be hiding. Gordon, the hack driver, testifies that as nearly as he can recollect, this mysterious personage was there in the Spring of the year. Every witness, except Gordon, further agree in the statement, that shortly after the riot a man was sent away from the Asylum, toward Canton, in the hack. Conway concluded that it was Charles Caldwell, Jr., for the reason that he heard one of the employees of the Asylum, whose name he could not recall, address a woman, who made her appearance shortly after the hack left, as Mrs. Caldwell. The hack driver says "that he knew both of the Caldwells and Eugene Welborne, and that the man he carried to the railroad station, on the occasion referred to was neither of them. He does not know who it was." Dr. Compton voluntarily stated that it was Peter Crosby, the fugitive Sheriff of Warren county, and that he permitted him to meet his wife at the Asylum, because hw as afraid of encountering Gilmer. By reference to, James Hill's affidavit made before Chief Justice Simrall, which is filed with the evidence herein, it will be seen "that he requested Dr. Compton to permit Eugene Welborne to remain at the Asylum until the excitement consequent upon the Clinton riot, had passed, but that Dr. Compton replied that the Asylum was a public institution, and under the circumstances he did not think it proper for Welborne to come there."




Clarion-Ledger, “Clarion-Ledger clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed September 22, 2023,

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