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We did not deem it necessary to deny the little but malignant falsehood started by the local editor of a certain paper with reference to the occupation of the editor of this paper in Washington, but as some other papers seem to have thought it true, we will correct it.

It is true that the editor was really a simple "copy holder" there for a few days, and that he was also the private secretary of one of our Senators, and that he also served as a simple clerk in different departments at Washington, but instead of having "abandoned the tripod to accept" any of these positions, he took them for the advantage and in the interest of his paper, and he gave in this and other papers such an expose of these departments as they never had before.

And he did devote a large portion of his time with some success to the effort to displace Republican negroes and carpet-baggers from Mississippi, and get the positions filled by some of our worthy Democrats.

And he did succeed in getting three staunch young Democrats of Mississippi into places that but for his efforts would yet be filled by carpet-baggers - he did succeed in getting turned out a respectable number of disrespectable Republican wretches, among them the notorious Jim Piles, and Eugene Welborne, whose case Mississippi's best Congressman had abandoned as hopeless, and given up all efforts to have him discharged.

And more than this he did give the people of Mississippi for the first time, a full, true knowledge of the innermost workings of our great Democratic administration - and he did dispassionately and faithfully give the facts about the most powerful of all Mississippians, the one of all our public men whom he had loved best and lauded most.





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