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The Raymond Gazette, after referring to the case of Eugene Welborne, the black murderer from Clinton, says:

"A few other refuges from Hinds county, equally as disreputable, we understand, are in Washington holding fat places, though they cannot be located. As soon as possible they will be pointed out and their characters shown up, after which we hope to see them also retired to private life, where they will at least have the chance of earning a living by the sweat of their brows."

What speed! ye gods, what speed. After two years, they get far enough along to begin making promises.

In four weeks the editor of this paper, without being extended the courtesy of any facilities for the work by the chiefs, found out nearly all the Republican scoundrels that were in all the departments from all the States - and yet in two years, the heads of the Interior department, have not yet found out the murderers and carpetbaggers and convicted thieves in their own department from their own State, but by and by they are going to play smash.

"As soon as possible they will be pointed out." What speed! ye gods, what speed!





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