Contract with Freedmen

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Sharecropping agreement between David Higgins and other freedmen with C. P. Montgomery in Oktibbeha County.


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An agreement and contract made this 9th day of March 1867 by and between C P Montgomery of the first part and the within named freedmen of the second part, for the cultivation of the Sand Creek farm in the year 1867 all of the county of Oktibbeha & State of Mississippi

The said party of the first part agrees to furnish land free of rent and all necessary implements for the cultivation of the farm with team &c and for their labour give them one half of all the products of the land so cultivated and agrees further to pay them for the labour of fencing new ground and putting up necessary buildings for the improvement of the place &c.

And it is agreed by the parties of the second part, that they will find themselves return half of the corn & fodder consumed by the team and faithfully perform any and all labour as the said party of the first part may require of them in the cultivation and gathering the crop and do necessary repairs to buildings & fences

C. P. Montgomery

David X Higgins
Monroe X Higgins
Wiley X Rice

Witness R. A. Lampkin




“Contract with Freedmen,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed October 1, 2023,

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