Letter from J. Allen Ross to Governor Ames

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Letter from Jacob Allen Ross to Governor Adelbert Ames.



Ross, Jacob Allen; Ames, Adelbert, 1835-1933; Washington County (Miss.)


Document at the Civil War & Reconstruction Governors of Mississippi Project. Original held at the Mississippi Department of Archives & History.

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Greenville Miss
Dec 26th 1873

Hon. A. Ames.

Dear sir,

This will inform you of my defeat for the office of “Chancery Clerk” of this County by the Peculiar Rulings of Hon. “C. C. Shackelford” “Circuit Judge,” Hon. E. Stafford removed Mr O. Winston” from the Position of “Chancery Clerk,” and appointed “Julius Jun-Kirmann, (Circuit Clerk.”) in his stead. I am sure I have allways been faithfull to my party and Why this should be I am unable to say. I only desire for to know the Condishion of things here. There is an intention to crush out some person if it be me. verry well I will try and stand it. They cant do it though with the people.

J. Allen. Ross.





Ross, Jacob Allen, “Letter from J. Allen Ross to Governor Ames,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed March 2, 2024, https://msstate-exhibits.libraryhost.com/items/show/2146.

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