Letter from J. Allen Ross to Governor Ames

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Letter from Jacob Allen Ross to Governor Adelbert Ames



Ross, Jacob Allen; Ames, Adelbert, 1835-1933; Gray, William, 1841-1919; Greenville (Miss.)


Part of a document at the Civil War & Reconstruction Governors of Mississippi Project. Original held at the Mississippi Department of Archives & History.

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Greenville, Miss., Feby 18th 1874.

Hon. A. Ames.

Dear Sir.

I learned a few moments ago of a Petition that is being Circulated amoung the Citizens of this City directed to you, requesting that the Bill introduced by the Hon Wm Gray, intitled an “Act to provid for a city Court in the Town of Greenville” be vetoed by you in case it passes the Legislature. Of that petition permit me to say that with a verry few exceptions every sighner of that petition is a Democrat, and of the rest I have spoken personaly to all but (2) two and they have requested that their names be forthwith erased therefrom.

Farther. The Citizens of Greenville have wished a City Court for (2) two or (3) three years as the minutes of the varrious town meetings will show. The real cause of objection to the present Bill is that there is a provision Contained therein making the ocupant of the office appointin by your Exelency, they concuring that there would be but little hope of getting a Democrat, (or as they are caled, “Alcorn Republican”) appointed. The Republicans as they have expressed themselves, are in favor of the Bill. to wit. Col W. H. Bolton. R. H. Brentlinger, J. I Lengsfield J. L. Griffin and the Cold Republicans to a man.

Now the whole matter is fight between the Regular Republicans, and the oposition be their names, what it may. With many appol-ogys for the time I have ocupied.

I am truly your obt. sert.
J. Allen. Ross.




Ross, Jacob Allen, “Letter from J. Allen Ross to Governor Ames,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed April 21, 2024, https://msstate-exhibits.libraryhost.com/items/show/2147.

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