Letter from John W. Randolph to Governor Ames

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Letter from John W. Randolph to Governor Adelbert Ames.



Randolph, John W., active 1874-1907; Leflore County (Miss.); Sunflower County (Miss.)


Document at the Civil War & Reconstruction Governors of Mississippi Project. Original held at the Mississippi Department of Archives & History.

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Shell mound Miss. Oct 21st 74

His Excellency
Gov. A. Ames.

Dear Sir,

In your favor of 13th ult. you requested me to name two more suitable persons to complete the Board of Examiners of this Representative District—to wit Leflore and Sunflower counties—the same which I have the honor to Represent. In Justice to that portion of my constituency including the later county, I would recommend that you appoin-t one of the number from that county and as I know of no persons more competent over there would name Hon. G. W. Bowles, the clerk of the courts of that county—with whom you are, no doubt, intimately acquainted. Then I would name Hon. D. N. Quinn. The efficient Sheriff of this—Leflore—county. You know these Gentlemen personally and it is useless for me to say anything as to their ability for the places. I can but thank you for honoring me by placing me on the Board and will spare no pains to give entire satisfaction.

Yours Truly
Jno. W. Randolph




Randolph, John W., active 1874-1907, “Letter from John W. Randolph to Governor Ames,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed April 18, 2024, https://msstate-exhibits.libraryhost.com/items/show/2233.

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