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Washington, Booker T., 1856-1915; Atwood, L. K. (Louis Kossuth), 1850-1929; Howard, Perry Wilson, 1877-1961

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Colored Citizens Have Appointed Committees on Reception, Arrangements, and Various Other Purposes of Occasion.

Preparatory to the visit of Booker T. Washington to this city on October 6th, when he will speak on Industrial Education the following program has been arranged:

1. Music by the choirs of the various churches and the Eureka brass band.

2. Committee to escort Dr. Washington from Canton on his special car to Jackson: P. W. Howard, E. B. Tappe, J. A. Martin, L. K. Atwood, A. J. Wade, A. M. Redmond, S. D. Redmond, L. W. Manaway, S. A. Beadley, Graham Frazier, D. Cox, T. V. McAllister, P. G. Cooper, P. A. Wardlaw, E. L. Patton, W. J. Latham, E. W. Jones, S. M. Brinkley.


Committee on Expense and Finance: S. D. Redmond, L. K. Atwood, A. J. Johnson, P. W. Howard, E. B. Tappe, J. A. Martin.

Committee on Entertainment: J. A. Martin, Dr. E. W. Moore, E. B. Tappe, T. V. McAllister, L. K. Atwood, S. D. Redmond, P. W. Howard, W. J. Latham, S. A. Beadle, J. S. Parker.


Introduction of Dr. Booker T. Washington by L. K. Atwood.

The committee on location will try to get the auditorium of the largest seating capacity in the city. To this end they are endeavoring to secure the Coliseum on the fair grounds, which will be accessible to the whites as well as colored. The uniform rank of the K. of P. will escort him from the depot to the Coliseum accompanied by the various labor organizations which have been invited to take part as it is this class of his people in which he is most deeply interested at this time, and for whom he has done most.

A banquet at Risher's Cafe will be given by the women.

P. W. HOWARD, Toastmaster.

All the school children and those interested in popular education will be invited to hear him.

DR. S. D. REDMOND, Master of Ceremonies.




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