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Atwood, L. K. (Louis Kossuth), 1850-1929; Howard, Perry Wilson, 1877-1961; Mollison, Willis Elbert; Union Guaranty and Insurance Company of Mississippi (Jackson, Miss.); African American businesspeople

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Is the First of Its Kind in the World, and is Backed by the Foremost Members of the Race in the State of Mississippi.

A negro life insurance corporation, the first of its kind ever launched in the United States, and perhaps in the world, has obtained license from the Mississippi insurance department to do business in the state.

The company is owned and controlled exclusively by negroes. All of its officers are members of the colored race, and a majority of them have been recognized leaders of their race in this state for several years.

The corporation will be known as the Union Guaranty and Insurance Company of Mississippi, is duly chartered under the laws of the state, and has complied with all the requirements of the insurance laws, having deposited $25,000 with Insurance Commissioner T. M. Henry yesterday. It is capitalized at $50,000, and the seventeen negroes composing the board of directors own property conservatively estimated at more than a million dollars. The company will write life, guaranty and industrial insurance, and the plan of operation has been examined and approved by several well-known actuaries.

The company is domiciled in Jackson, and will start business immediately. A majority of its officers and directors are colored residents of this city who enjoy good standing in the commercial world, and who have been active in the promotion of legitimate business enterprises among members of their race. The board of directors is as follows:

Edward P. Jones, E. B. Topp, W. J. Latham, W. A. J. Morgan, E. H. McKissack, S. M. Anderson, J. W. Hair, C. N. Miller, L. K. Atwood, S. A. Beadle, P. W. Howard, Chas. Banks, J. A. Q. Williams, Jno. W. Harris, W. A. Scott, W. I. Mitchell, Dr. L. P. Brown.

Following is the list of officers chosen:

Edw. P. Jones, president; W. A. J. Morgan, vice-president; J. A. Q. Williams, vice-president; Jno. W. Harris, secretary; J. W. Hair, assistant secretary; L. K. Atwood, treasurer; E. H. McKissack, general manager; W. E. Mollison, general counsel; W. J. Latham, assistant general counsel; W. I. Mitchell, auditor.




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