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There was great dissatisfaction with the result of the primary at the Union school house, over which Circuit Clerk Winston presided, and the result is two sets of delegates. Two sets of delegates are also coming in from Palestine precinct.

The fight in the present contest appears to be between Hon. George F. Bowles and Rev. H. P. Jacobs for the legislative nomination, and R. H. Wood, the present incumbent, and Mr. Will Davis, (white) for the assessorship. We are told that according to the personnel of the delegates Messrs Bowles and Wood have carried the day. While the fight is entirely between the Republicans the Democracy of the county cannot but feel an interest in it, inasmuch as the nominees of the regularly constituted Republican Convention may be placed upon the compromise ticket for them to support in the November election.




Weekly Democrat, “Weekly Democrat clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed September 27, 2023, https://msstate-exhibits.libraryhost.com/items/show/309.

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