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The expressions of one of the speakers at the Republican meeting on Wednesday were not such as are acceptable to this community nor calculated to preserve the harmony and kind feeling existing between the races.

When H. P. Jacobs, who wants to go to the Legislature, indulged in his disposition to revive old questions and arouse old and long since buried grievances among an audience composed of Democrats and Republicans who entertained friendly sentiments, he undertook a role which has long since been abandoned by the most radical leaders of his party.

The attack he made upon Mr. Bowles, the late Representative in the Legislature, for having voted to pension disabled Confederate soldiers, although in line with his (Jacobs') previous record, which was altogether unsavory as a politician, was neither to the credit of his head nor heart, both of which need all the sustaining force possible to acquire.

It would be as well for him to learn that his old methods will not pass current with either race, white or black, in this county at the present day and that such sentiments as he evidently entertains on the race question and expresses on occasion, must seal his political doom and ostracize him from the peaceful and order loving people of this community in both races.




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