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Colonel Bowles' Will.

The will of the late George F. Bowles was opened today at the residence of the deceased by K. P. Lanneau, administrator. The document has not been probated. The opinion was prevalent that Colonel Bowles was a man of large wealth; the contrary is shown by his will. He made much and disbursed much. His heart was larger than his purse. The following are some of the bequests made:

Virginia E. Walker, the residence of the deceased, with its contents and $10,000.

Miss Roberta Stevens, $3000, represented by a life insurance policy.

Protestant Orphan Asylum, $500.

Hon. W. G. Benbrook, $500.

J. H. Cox, property in Vidalia.

Thomas H. Davis, diamond pin, Louisiana lands and property on Claiborne street, this city.

Wm. Minor Davis, watch and chain, Louisiana lands and property on Minor street, this city.

Martin & Lanneau, the library.

J. H. Walker is also remembered in the will.

It is supposed that the business conducted by Colonel Bowles in this city will be continued.





Natchez Bulletin, “Natchez Bulletin clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed November 28, 2023,

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