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From the Yazoo Herald, Sept. 10.

It seems that W. H. Foote, the negro Circuit Clerk of this county, has recently appeared in a new role, this time in the character of a card writer to the Jackson Times, in which he makes bold to declare, with a sort of ex cathedra air, that the letter signed Benjamin Franklin Eddin, addressed to a colored man at Demopolis, Ala., and which was recently reproduced in the Democrat, of this city, and also in the Herald, "is, if any such letter was written to any such person, a forgery." The statements contained in said letter, quoth Foote, that the colored people in the county are preparing for the election by buying arms and ammunition, are "slanderous - the whole thing a malicious fabrication."

We happen to have in our possession the original of the letter which Foote pronounces a forgery, and the beauty of it is that Benjamin Franklin Eddin, the same who wrote it, has been interviewed upon the subject by the gentleman who is in charge of the place (the Dickson place), on which he is making crop, and he did not deny writing it, and he certainly ought to know more about the matter than Foote, who really knows nothing at all. That Eddin may have written falsely when he wrote to his friend in Alabama, that the colored people have "sixteen hundred army guns, all prepared for business," may be possible, but that he so wrote is beyond question; and more, he does not even pretend to deny it. As the Jackson Times and the PILOT have both given circulation to Foote's card, denying the authenticity of the letter signed Benjamin Franklin Eddin, pronouncing it a forgery, they should now, as an act of justice, make room for a statement to the effect that Foote was guilty of an egregious misrepresentation when he wrote what he did in regard to that famous document.





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