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Foote, William Henderson, 1843-1883; Yazoo City (Miss.); Morgan, A. T. (Albert Talmon)

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From the Yazoo Banner, Sept. 21.

It has been reported around Yazoo City, for many days, that the emissaries of Morgan had been going through the negro portions of the county, attempting to array the colored men against the white man, by telling them if the white people succeed in getting control of the county, that the negro would get but three dollars per month, and the white people by legislation would control these things.

The Radicals held a meeting here last night, and Morgan, the Sheriff, and the leader of the poor negroes, attempted to reiterate the same sentiments, when a question was asked him by a gentleman, which was abruptly answered, and led to the riot.

A pistol shot was fired from the centre of the gallery at Mr. Henry Dixon, which grazed his head and struck Mr. Ed. Drenning in the shoulder and wounded Dr. Moore, slightly; another pistol was fired from the left at Mr. Dixon, by a negro named Jim Clark, when the melee commenced in good earnest. Many shots were fired, perhaps more than forty.

When the smoke of battle cleared off, there laid on the floor Dick Mitchell, who died in a few hours, and W. H. Foote, the Circuit Clerk, supposed to be badly shot. We regret the death of Dick Mitchell - he was a brave man, but forfeited his life by joining Morgan and our enemies, and drawing his sword in their defense.

How Mr. Dixon escaped from the shots that were intended for him, is almost a miracle. His coat was literally perforated.

The shooting ended at Wilson's Hall; the fire bells were rung and the city picketed. At 11 P.M. all was quiet. Morgan and Everett left the city.




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