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Harris, John F., 1827-1913; African American lawyers

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JOHN F. HARRIS, ESQ., an attorney at law of the Circuit Court of Washington county, filed a motion last week to revoke the license to practice held by John D. Werles, because Werles has been guilty of deceit, malpractice and a misdemeanor, in this: That, on the 12th day of August, 1873, Werles did violently, forcibly and feloniously obtain possession of warrants of the county of Washington, in the sum of one thousand dollars, which were being issued by the clerk of the county Board of Supervisors, to Mr. Harris, and has ever since held possession of the same. What action Judge Shackleford took concerning the motion is not stated by either of the Greenville papers, but the Republican has no doubt Werles is a bad man and the revocation of his license will improve the moral status of the bar and the courts in which he practices.





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