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who is, what we call, a "Floater;" that is, representing two counties which have one or two representatives each, besides the "Floater." Mr. Houston represents Washington county, which is entitled to two and a half representatives; and Issaquena county, which is entitled to one and a half representatives. And the half from each of the above-named counties form a whole representative in the person of my little friend Houston. Here is a little fellow that everybody likes. The members look upon him as a sort of pet. He is about twenty-three years of age; short, but inclined to be stout; high forehead; black hair; a black and glossy moustache and imperial; a thin and nicely shaped nose; such a shaped mouth as I have heard ladies admire, (and you know that they mean by that;) light-brown complexion; and from his habiliments could well be called Beau Brummell. Mr. Houston is probably the youngest member in the House, but takes an active part in the matters of legislation, and is an attractive speaker. He generally speaks with a slip of paper held between his thumb and fore finger, and shakes it violently at the Speaker. He recently introduced a bill by which all teachers shall be paid in currency instead of warrants, as is now the case in many counties.





New National Era, “New National Era clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed December 9, 2023,

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