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The New State Notes.

The State money unconstitutionally authorized to be issued by the Legislature, has made its appearance.

It is in denominations of one, two and five dollar notes. The last is ornamented with a portrait of Governor Alcorn; the first two have the not-handsome picture of Henry Musgrove, State Auditor, upon them. We have no objection to these pictures. None in the world, but we would like to know why two denominations were appropriated to the exclusive use of the Auditor's picture.

If these two great missionaries in the cause of Radicalism and Moral Ideas, are to have their physiognomies handed down to posterity by this means, has not that other great light of the Republican Temple, the Honorable Secretary of State, James Lynch, an equal right to share the honors? Why has he been ignored? Can it be possible that the designer of these notes "looked into his face to ascertain the color of his skin?"

It may be, however, that some petty jealousy as to the comparisons of appearance which would naturally have arisen, has debared him from the enjoyment of this right. Admitting this to be so, still it furnishes no excuse for depriving the man and brother of his privilege to be paraded before the public. The pictures of the Hon. J. Aaron Moore, of Lauderdale, Hon. Isam Stewart, of Noxubee, or Hon. Albert Johnson, of Warren, would have served the purpose - ornamented the notes, and not have offered so great a comparison.




Clarion-Ledger, “Clarion-Ledger clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed November 28, 2023,

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