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Session acts of 1870, page 316. "An Act to incorporate the Memphis and Vicksburg Railroad Company." Legislators by name made granters of the franchise or public property, among them T. W. Stringer, Senator from Warren. Page 372. "An Act to incorporate the Vicksburg Ferry Company," four in number, among them T. W. Stringer, A. Mygatt, and Albert Johnson, two Senators and one member. Page 417. "An Act to incorporate the Vicksburg and National Cemetery Turnpike Company." - Among the corporators by name are A. Mygatt, C. D. Landon, Albert Johnson, Charles P. Head, Peter Barrow, Thomas W. Stringer: two Senators and four members. Page 431. "An Act to incorporate the Mississippi Loan and Savings Institution of Vicksburg." Seven persons. Among them Thos. W. Stringer. Page 550. "An Act to incorporate the Colored Citizens Packet Company, and for other purposes." Seven corporators or grantees. Among them T. W. Stringer, Albert Johnson.

Look, people of Mississippi, into the acts of your attorneys, agents, servants and trustees. These grants by agents, trustees, servants and attorneys to themselves are inventions. The Constitution designs to keep the Legislative, and Executive departments, and the Judiciary, separate and distinct, each a check on the other. But Legislators monopolize offices and grants of public property and franchises. The end is not far off. Party is gone.





Clarion-Ledger, “Clarion-Ledger clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed July 18, 2024,

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