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ALL MUST REMEMBER that soon after his nomination by the Bolter's convention, Matthew Levy denounced our registration law, passed by a Democratic Legislature for the purpose of preventing illegal voting, as a "damnable piece of Democratic trickery." In a speech at Livingston, Judge Downs was forced, for the purpose of pandering to negro prejudice, to get on the platform built by Levy's hands, and he united in Levy's denunciation of it as oppressive, &c, and pledged himself to work for its repeal if elected to the Legislature; and thus the negro, encouraged by the white man, dictates to his white colleagues what platform they shall stand on and what issue shall be discussed in this campaign. We ask you men of Madison, if Radicalism was ever worse than this, and whether Warner ever pandered to negro prejudice in a viler manner!





American Citizen, “American Citizen clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed December 1, 2023,

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